TR313The TR-313 is a sleek, compact and feature rich Personnel / Personal GPS tracker. In addition to its telemetry abilities, the TR-313 unit incorporates a wide array of custom feature, functions and configurations for unique client requirements. TR-313 is a versatile device which can be used for many Personal & Personnel tracking applications. We appreciate your purchase of a GlobalSat Worldcom Product!

3.1 Introduction

TR-313 is a 3G personal tracking device with fast GPS acquisition time. It is compact, portable and stylish in design capable to connect both GSM and GPRS wireless networks. Users can easily and remotely configure TR-313 and display GPS locations on remote monitoring / tracking platforms.



Power Status LED

LED Orange Constantly Lit Red Constantly Lit Red Blinking
State TR-313 is being charged. Battery power is low USB configuration mode


LED Blinking Quickly (Once every 200 millisecond) Constantly Lit Blinking Slowly (Once every 1 seconds)
State 1. Data transmitting. 1. TR-313 is searching for GSM network

2. No SIM card inserted

1. In Standby Mode, network already registered.


LED Blinking Quickly
(Once per second)
Blinking Slowly
(Once every 3 seconds)
State TR-313 is searching for GPS fix TR-313 receives GPS fix

Bluetooth LED (Optional function)

LED Blinking Quickly Blinking Quickly (Once per second)
State Standby mode Connecting to Bluetooth device

Note: The TR313 BLE-enabled devices must be an authorized and
pre-integrated TR-313 accessory in order to connect, not all BLE devices will connect without pre-integration.

4. Device Operation
4.1 Device charging


Using the device for the first time, rechargeable battery will require a complete 100% charge before TR-313 is operable. To maximize your device’s battery life, proceed by performing the steps listed below.

  1. Place the device on the charging cradle.
  2. Connect the Micro USB side of the cable to the cradle port and connect the  other end of the cable to the designated AC power source (USB/AC adaptor).
  3. Allow at least 6 hours of battery charging time.

4.2 SIM Card Installation


  1. Unscrew the SIM card cover.
  2. Remove the cover.
  3. With the metal contacts facing down, with the notch of the SIM card positioned to your lower left side as seen in the above #3 image, place the SIM card onto the SIM card compartment.
  4. Replace the back cover in its original compartment and re-screw the cover.

Note: Before installing or taking out the SIM card, please power off the device.

4..3 Power


  1. To turn the device “ON”, press and hold the power button for 1 second.
  2. To turn the device “OFF”, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the device vibrates.
  3. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the power button for 8 to 10 second
  4. For developers accessing COM port connection from the device, press the power button once quickly while the device is sitting on the cradle with the USB cable connected to PC.

4.3 Emergency button


  1. While pressing and holding the emergency button, TR-313 will send the emergency SMS messages to pre-programmed phone numbers and continuously dial out to these phones numbers until one phone call is picked up. Call rotary.
  1. Once the emergency call is answered, the user and the contact may speak through the hands-free speakerphone.
  1. By default TR-313 allows the user to end a call by pushing the emergency button once.
  1. Users may also answer incoming phone calls by pushing the emergency button once when TR-313 exhibits ring tone