How it works

Maxoptra is a dynamic real-time software scheduling solution designed to automatically assign the best vehicle and drivers for each work item – be it a product to be delivered or a service job – whatever your ?eetsize. It instantly selects the best plan to carry out the work ensuring you meet your complex customer requirements and maintain your customer service promises. Seamlessly integrated with WEBFLEET, it quickly allocates and dispatches jobs according to varying business strategies and objectives.


Plan your service engineers’ workload and manage your customers’ expectations efficiently. Vehicle Routing Software, Routing Software, Scheduling Software
Field service scheduling & dispatch
Maxoptra’s comprehensive planning functionality reduces 90% of dispatchers’ routine work, allowing them to communicate with clients and make final decisions quickly. Simple drag-&-drop functionality allows the easy assignment of orders to engineers, whilst the system provides hints, calculates driving durations, waiting times and optimizes routes sequences as you go.
Easy integration with any ERP
Our API enables the field service scheduling software to integrate with almost any CRM, ERP or accounting system. This allows companies to save money on implementing new technology and teaching employees to work with it.
Field service tracking & real-time adjustments
Maxoptra’s service scheduling software displays the current location of each technician, giving you the opportunity to add new urgent jobs as they come in, even when routes are already started. The service schedule software finds the best option to fulfil the customer order and provide a high level of service.
Keep your clients informed
ETA notifications are an accepted customer expectation today. Not offering them can cause uncertainty about the professionalism of the service being provided. Maxoptra’s computer aided dispatch software sends regular updates to customers to keep them informed.
Technician’s mobile app
Service engineers can constantly keep in touch with the dispatch office through a mobile field service app, reporting order status in real time to the controller and receiving new jobs during a day. As Maxoptra is connected to TomTom navigation, engineers can be guided effectively through traffic congestion or to find challenging locations. Real-time positioning information (coming through the GPS) is constantly reported to the dispatch office, helping the scheduling team to make efficient allocation decisions. more

Advanced Route Planning and Optimization Software

A Powerful Route Optimizer
improves the effectiveness of your fleet utilization and reduces costs. Our optimization software quickly creates the most efficient delivery routes across multiple stops, considering time windows, vehicle types and load capacity. Based on experience we know that Maxoptra can reduce daily mileage by 10-20%.
Delivery Route Planner
allows you to build routes in one click. Maxoptra’s planning software can schedule last minute orders and return loads even when routes are already started. This improves fleet utilization and provides the business with opportunities for additional revenue.
Drag & Drop Manual Planning
helps you build ideal delivery sequences right on your PC or laptop screen. Maxoptra delivery planning software gives you hints, calculates driving durations, waiting times and optimizes delivery routes as you go.
Vehicle Tracking Integration
makes it possible to obtain actual data on where your vehicles are. You can get tracking data both from Android and GPS devices. Maxoptra software is a premier partner. more

Innovative courier dispatch and delivery software
Same-day courier dispatch

For immediate parcel collection, Maxoptra’s Courier Industry Software automatically allocates a courier for each new order received during the day. Even when routes are already started Maxoptra will work out the progress on each run, the current courier position, the amount of work to be completed by each courier and the remaining driving hours. This ensures that the courier best positioned to do so makes the customer collection to provide the best service possible.
Calculating ETAs

Maxoptra calculates ETAs by taking into consideration a variety of factors: official speed limits and recommended speeds, likely speeds derived from road types and historical average speed data over certain time periods, actual travel times from previous users, and real-time traffic information. All this allows you to gain accurate ETAs and reduce your operational costs.
Notifications through dispatching software

Today, customers expect notifications and updates about the status of their deliveries. Not receiving any can cause uncertainty about the quality of service being provided. Maxoptra enables regular information to be sent so that customers can monitor their delivery or shipment in real time.
Courier tracking mobile app

Couriers can constantly keep in touch with the dispatch office through a mobile app. They report order status in real time to the contoller and receive new collection jobs during a day. Maxoptra is also connected to TomTom navigation to guide a courier more easily through traffic. Real-time positioning information (via GPS) is continually reported to the dispatch office, enabling the scheduling team to make the most efficient allocation decisions. more