Provides innovative web-based fleet management systems so you know exactly where staff, vehicles and assets are in real-time. Our systems allow you to manage your work-flow so you can track and maximize your ROI and evaluate your business performance.

Fuel tracking allows you to optimize fleet efficiency and our Personal Tracking system allows you to keep lone workers safe.


Fleet Management – An innovative web-based fleet management platform available in SaaS and server-based delivery modes. The system lets you focus on KPIs of particular importance, thereby maximizing your efficiency.

Reduce labor, fuel and depreciation costs by decreasing idle time, kilometers driven and managing driver behavior. Plus, get to more jobs faster and get more done.


Asset Tracking – Effective asset tracking often gives businesses an advantage that propels them past competition. Eye In the Sky tools provide dynamic data on location and condition of assets concerned. Control every aspect from temperature to airflow, make use of simple or event-based remote video monitoring, embrace flexibility and extensive support for third-party hardware tracking devices and accessories. Choose Eye In the Sky for your asset tracking needs.


Fuel Tracking – Fuel is typically one of the largest fleet expenses. Finding ways to minimize fuel spent can substantially improve the bottom line.

Eye In the Sky’s fuel monitoring system provides intelligent tools to keep track of fuel consumption and easily detects fuel theft. Fuel information can be sourced from CAN bus of a vehicle or after-market fuel sensors. Take charge of your fuel.


Work Force Management – Let the customer separate field staff from their vehicles via a powerful tool to update work statuses, chat with the dispatcher, receive target addresses with no need for a dedicated tracking device.

Discover GPS Tag-based tracking by Wialon. WiaTag is a native mobile app for smartphones or tablets running on iOS or Android. It turns a mobile device into a tracker that works seamlessly with Wialon. Enjoy a great tracking solution without having to sell any hardware!


Personal Tracking – Proved to be an optimal personal tracking platform, flexible interface, easy-to-use mobile app, alerting and geofencing options allow for effective personal tracking.

Lone workers, elderly, children, teens, pets – whatever it is that you target, the personal tracking device has you covered. Choose Eye In The Sky to build a unique personal tracking solution for you.


OH&S   Duty Of Care – Our added hardware security features keeps your drivers safe.With our implementation of hardware like driver I.D FOB tags, security access authorisation, 2 way communication & SOS panic alerts.  By including these extra hardware features you can improve your company’s OH&S system. Be alerted immediately when  unauthorized use of equipment events take place.  Only allow authorised staff access to assets, plant or equipment.  Monitor & log history by personal authorised identification tags.

Communicate with drivers via 2 way sms , routes & stop point.



GPS Tag is an effective and easy-to-use app that turns your staffs mobiles into a GPS Tracking System.

This application should be used by corporate clients, who have company mobile phone supplied to their staff.
Submits same data as usual GPS-tracker: device coordinates, speed, route, stopes etc;

Creates track of the device. Applied SOS panic button.• Sends text messages and images to GPS tracking system. more…


ATrack AU7

GPS Tracking Device Sensor Tracking

Hardwired with multi sensors inputs & outputs temperature sensors PTO sensors & back up battery.Transport & logistics refrigerated. agriculture construction earth moving plant hire rental equipment delivery field service utilities & security. Motion sensor programmable features and anti jamming alerts can be tailored to suit any application.  more…


ATrack AX7

GPS Tracking Device Plug & Play DIY Install.

Connects direct to OBDII connector available on most vehicles. Suitable for vans, cars & small trucks.For domestic & commercial applications. Just plug-in and start tracking. Optional backup battery if required  more…


ATrack AL7

GPS Tracking Device Small Waterproof & Dust Proof with GPS Internal Antenna

Designed for wet & dusty environments such as motor bikes, earthmoving, construction equipment, & plant hire. Its small easy to install & conceal.   Its robust water proof casing with internal antennas make it the perfect devise for dusty & wet conditions. Perfect for harsh conditions  more…


ATrack AS3

GPS Trailer Tracking Device Waterproof & Dust Proof

We now track waist bins or any non-powered equipment. We have developed and fine-tuned our system to track and secure waist bins normally left on construction sites for long periods of time. Thousands of bins go missing every year. For only $10 a month you can secure and monitor bin locations each day.



ATrack AS1

GPS container tracking & Waist bin tracking device. 3 year  battery life  waterproof & dust proof. optional with internal or external GPS antennas. 

Shipping container tracker is installed inside the container with only the antenna exposed to the elements out side.This protects the device from external damage Acquires a position once per day for 3 years with its long life rechargeable battery. Motion sensor programmable features tailored to suit any application including waist bins gps tracking  more…


GlobalSat TR313

GPS Personal Protection Tracker SOS Button

Tracks whilst charging in your vehicle & or  whilst in your personal carry pouch. Suitable for personal remote area monitoring and protection duty of care. more…

Maxoptra – Real Time Logistics & Work Force Solutions – Coming Soon 

Transport & Logistics with Field Service Communication & Utilities.

Automatic Planning and Route Optimization Combination two way communications & navigation. Map and Gantt Chart View. Assisted Manual Planning.Real-Time Adjustments.    See Video      more…

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— Our Clients —

Australia Wide GPS Tracking Solutions System

Eye in the Sky Pty Ltd was established in 2005 in South Western Sydney by business man proprietor David Romeo. One of the first companies to develop GPS tracking solutions in Australia supported by Telstra Network provider M2MOne catering for 90% of coverage with in Australia.

The most future developments include the partnering with European Tracking Service provider Gurtam Wialon & hardware developers manufacturers ATrack & Global Sat. World leaders in hardware development.

This has led to EyeInTheSky as being the preferred company of choice by Australian customers for providing GPS  tracking systems for private and business users. The combined hardware and web application solutions creates a complete asset management system that is easy to use on all forms of communication devises and computer.

New Trends – Track Waist Bins GPS Tracking

We now track waist bins or any non-powered equipment. We have developed and fine-tuned our system to track and secure waist bins normally left on construction sites for long periods of time. Thousands of bins go missing every year. For only $10 a month you can secure and monitor bin locations each day.